Independent well servicing Ltd. employs approximately 40 people.
Tim Huber is our General Manager.
Jerry Mehler helps with operations as our senior Field Supervisor.
Jason Huber provides added support as a Field Supervisor.
Brian Crossman handles marketing and sales for IWS.
Ryan Greggains assists Jerry and Jason with field supervision.

Jamie Leptich RIG #2 MANAGER
Jason Ellis RIG #3 MANAGER
Will Flavell RIG #7 MANAGER
Tyler Williams RIG #8 MANAGER
Dave MacKenzie RIG #9 MANAGER


Independent Well Servicing Ltd. supplies service rigs to southeastern Saskatchewan. IWS has a fleet of 10 service rigs. All of our rigs are Class II Freestanding Mobile Doubles.

IWS is proud to provide highly experienced crews, unparalleled customer service, superior equipment and the latest innovations available.

We perform production work, completions, workovers and abandonments to any depth or complexity.

We also have an abundant amount of experience performing work on all types of gas cavern wells and a variety of different wells in potash mining including potash solution mining.

We have also performed work on deep geothermal wells.



IWS began constructing new service rigs in the fall of 2003. IWS implemented a plan for growth with a focused, aggressive approach and by June of 2004 we were operating three service rigs.
By the spring of 2006 we added Rig # 4 to our fleet.
We expanded further with the addition of Rig # 5 in February of 2008 and Rig # 6 in December of the same year.
Rig # 7 went to work in July of 2009.
Rig # 8 was added to our fleet in April 2010.
Rig # 9 became part of our fleet in April of 2014.
Rig # 10 was ready for work in January of 2015.


Our office and shop is located at 477 Devonian Street in Estevan, Saskatchewan. Our location positions us to be able to competitively perform work in the areas surrounding Estevan, Weyburn & southeast Sask. We also provide services to all other areas of Saskatchewan as required.

With our experienced staff that includes mechanics and welders, we provide excellent support for our operations anywhere in Saskatchewan that we would be required to work.


Independent Well Servicing Ltd. saw a niche for an “Independently” owned and operated, quality service rig operation in southeast Saskatchewan.


Our greatest strength is our people. They are absolutely our most valuable asset.

Combining a good management attitude with upgraded equipment continues to attract top quality crew members.

We have constructed some of the most innovative rigs in this area. Our rigs are double free standing service rigs with large rig tanks (35.7 m3) and 400 hp (127mm x 127mm) triplex pumps. Each rig package has a crane mounted on a support unit and a roomy doghouse with office space. Other features include electronic sandline counters, electronic pressure gauges, tank gauges and stroke counters on the pumps.

We have also added two Class III closing units with annulars, as well as mobile cat walk trailers to our equipment line.

Oil Service Rig Estevan Sask



IWS’s business philosophy is to manage our company and any growth around our people. This plan enables us to maintain our standards in relation to the highly experienced level of our crews.

We will strive to provide the best possible services to our customers.

Another top priority is to maintain the superior quality of our equipment.

We will continue to embrace new technologies on an ongoing basis to improve safety and efficiency.


Remember our motto...

Give us a call and use an “INDEPENDENT”!



Independent Well Servicing Ltd. will operate
with honesty and integrity within the industry,
in a team environment for the benefit of our people,
our customers and the industry as a whole.

We will strive to meet and exceed
the industry standard in every way.


Independent Well Servicing Ltd. will accomplish this mission by incorporating safe work practices into every task in order to keep incidents and accidents to a minimum, with zero incidents as our goal.

All employees at any level, as well as management, are responsible and accountable for IWS’s overall health and safety initiatives.

IWS will ensure proper training and instructions are given to our employees and also ensure that the proper equipment is available whenever necessary.

Both management and employees will incorporate safety awareness as a team effort for the success of our company. This safety awareness covers many, but not all, of the conditions encountered in everyday service rig operations.

IWS also recognizes the importance of protecting the environment and the necessity of integrating environmental priorities in planning and conducting all of our operations. All operations will be performed within a safe environment and with proper consideration given to any environmental impact.

Excellent Service. Integrity Always. Experienced Crews. Safety FIRST. Teamwork. Protecting the Environment. Superior Equipment.